WATCH: Rachel Maddow Mocks White House For Claiming Flynn Is An Obama Guy

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On Friday, former Trump National Security Advisor Michael Flynn pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI in interviews earlier this year. Shortly after, he released a statement saying that he is fully cooperating with the Mueller investigation. According to reports, the Trump administration didn’t see his guilty plea coming and there was panic within the White House. However, as panicked as they were Trump’s attorney totally tried to play it off like it was no biggie and even went as far as to blame President Obama for Flynn’s presence in Trump’s administration.

Rachel Maddow found this to be absolutely hilarious and mocked the shit out of the White House for it:

That was funny when Ty Cobb said that today about Mike Flynn, because that would be like announcing Nixon’s resignation as ‘Former California congressman steps down from position in Washington.’ It’s ridiculous… it’s funny to see the White House desperation there.

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She’s right, it’s funny as hell. Not only did Ty Cobb completely ignore the fact that Flynn was one of the highest-ranking officials in the administration, he also ignored a few other things. First of all, President Obama fired Mike Flynn in 2014 when he headed up the Defense Intelligence Agency. Secondly, when it became clear to Obama that Trump was going to hire Flynn in some capacity, he sat down with the then president-elect and warned him against such a move. Trump, who loathes Obama with the intensity of a thousand suns, completely ignored the warning and gave Flynn the job as the national security advisor.

This has got to be the most desperate excuse ever, Maddow was right to mock it.


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