Maine Town Manager Says Races Should Voluntarily Separate, But He’s No Racist

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Jackman, Maine is a tiny little town near the Canadian border. Its population doesn’t quite reach 1,000. However, the town is on more people’s radar after stories about its town manager have surfaced. Tom Kawczynski, originally from Arizona, has not let his xenophobia and racism go unknown. However, he doesn’t feel as though he’s a racist. Racists rarely do.

Kawczynski founded the group New Albion, an alt-right group that hates Muslims and thinks the races should voluntarily separate. According to the website, the group promotes “traditional Western values emphasizing the positive aspects of our European heritage.” He is just one more whiny, white man who fears his privilege is slipping through his slimy fingers.

According to The Bangor Daily News :

He wants to preserve this region’s white majority and keep out Muslims, but rejected the idea that his views are racist, saying that people of different racial backgrounds are welcome in his movement as long as their culture is ‘rooted in Western civilization.’ … We are pro-white without being anti-other groups in terms of their racial identity. But we … oppose the idea of bringing people in from the outside that come from different cultures. ‘I would say unequivocally that I see Islam as fundamentally incompatible with Western civilization.’

Totally NOT racist, amirite? On Friday, he wrote on his site,

But my real transgression, I believe, was suggesting white people should be proud of who they are. I love who I am, and believe everyone should feel the same about their own ethnic heritage. For that, there are those who would destroy me.

Heritage is fine to celebrate. However, when words like “ethnic” and “white” are used, we know exactly what he’s going for – and it’s all Nazi-esque.

He wants to preserve something that never was. He wants New England to stay white because of our “ancestors.” New England was only “white” when white people came in and destroyed the existing culture.

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