Man Attacks Planned Parenthood, Injures Pregnant Woman

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Planned Parenthood gets a bad rep from most conservatives. They believe its only mission is to give the masses abortions to sell baby body parts to high-paying doctors. That simply isn’t the case. They offer birth control options, prenatal care and a variety of other services that have nothing to do with ending a pregnancy. One man obviously didn’t get the memo Wednesday.

Marckles Alcius, of Lowell, Massachusetts, decided that he would steal a bakery delivery truck and crash it into his local Planned Parenthood. The logic of harming others because you are frustrated with women “ending lives” extends far beyond my realm of normalcy. He injured a pregnant woman and two other people: a staff member and another patient. It’s probably a good thing that pregnant woman wasn’t there for prenatal…. oh wait. She most definitely could have been there for prenatal care.

Alcius was charged with attempting to cause widespread injury or damage, six counts of aggravated assault, theft and weapons offenses. Police are looking for more possible charges during the investigation. As of now, the motive is unknown. Investigators are looking into whether he had ties, professional or personal, with the clinic.

Attacks against abortion clinics are nothing new. They have been going on for as long as I can remember, and I’m not a spring chicken. However, with the knowledge we currently have at our fingertips, those who want to harm people for harming fetuses have no excuse. Planned Parenthood’s services extend far beyond those of an abortion clinic. In fact, Planned Parenthood claims that only about three percent of its services are abortions.

The perpetrator pleaded not guilty, but those injured people, building, and truck say otherwise. Protesting “murder” by harming others is hypocritical, to say the least. We live in scary times.

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