Man Breaks It Off With White Woman Because She Slept With A Black Man (Texts)

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Sarah Chamberlain, @sa_harraa on Twitter, recently found herself in an awkward text conversation with a man she had been casually dating. He randomly asked her if she had ever slept with a black man. When she responded honestly, he let her know that even though he isn’t a racist, he couldn’t continue seeing her.

She pointed out to him that having a problem with an ex-lover based SOLELY on race is, in fact, racist. According to this numbnuts, it’s just an opinion. He even used the phrase “I’ve worked with black people” to prove his character shouldn’t be questioned. When do you ever get to choose your coworkers? I digress.

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Look at this ridiculous exchange that Sarah posted on Twitter. It’s a shame that people still feel this way – they really are missing out on some of the best things in life by closing themselves off from others.

This man’s idea that just his opinion isn’t racist when it is a textbook example of racism is some skewed thinking, and that’s being kind. Since when does “it’s my opinion” excuse the hatred contained within that opinion? That doesn’t even make sense.

Racism has never gone away, but it sure does seem like it’s becoming more popular now that our President is a flaming racist. One of our freedoms is the freedom of speech, but that doesn’t make anyone less of an asshole if that speech is filled with hate.

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