Man Captures Racist Woman’s Assault On Cell Phone (Video)

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It’s probably fair to say that Trump has brought out the absolute worst in the United States, but this is a festering wound that’s always been a part of this country. If you need evidence of that, allow me to submit this cell phone video of a racist woman attacking another American citizen as proof.

The video was captured on the steps of Capitol Hill in Seattle. Aditya Asastry, the man with the cell phone, says that he and two friends decided to stop and get pizza when they were accosted by a stranger who approached them as they waited in line:

My friend, who’s American but of Puerto Rican descent, was the first one she targeted. And myself and my other friend kind of distanced ourselves, like hey let’s not do this tonight. And she followed us down and continued to escalate things and became more and more agitated and she started calling me things like terrorist.

Asastry told Q13 Fox that he was recording the incident for his own safety, but it escalated when the woman slapped the cell phone from his hand, breaking the phone. Although Asastry and his friends left the woman, the damage had already been done.

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“When I went home it was much more painful to kind of process the things that were being said. The things about ‘get out of my country’ and the more divisive rhetoric that was said was really what gets to me,” he said. The Seattle Police Department is currently looking into the incident.

This sort of racism isn’t new in the United States, and following Trump’s “America First” campaign, incidents of it are on the uptick. If I had to posit a guess why I’d argue that Trump has emboldened them. After all, this is probably the first president to argue there’s such a thing as a “Good Nazi.”

What’s more, the Republican Party likely bear a significant amount of responsibility for this, because they lined up behind Trump, just like they lined up behind child molester Roy Moore, and just like they’re going to line up behind Arthur Jones, an actual Nazi, if it looks like he can win.

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I’d suggest that they sold their soul for power, but I find that hard to believe — given how black and decayed it must be, who would want it?

You can watch the video below:

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