Man Pulls A Gun In Road Rage Incident And Instantly Regrets His Life Choices

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If you believe everything you read from ultra-right wingers on social media, at times it feels as though the only right they care about is their second amendment right. As long as they have a firearm by their side, they feel protected and safe. It seems a little over top to me, but people have varying ways to help them cope with this uncertain life – who am I to judge if you’re not waving it in my face? However, one man may now be more cautious about carrying his gun on his person at all times.

Two drivers were angry with each other in Orlando on Sunday. They stopped their vehicles and got out to argue in the street. Irrational people do stupid things. The next stupid thing happened when one of the men pulled a gun. He said he felt threatened by the other driver – I suppose a gun is an alternative to some who would rather shoot someone than defend themselves with a punch. Apparently, it was easier than just getting back in the damn car and driving away, as well.

When the man, who has not been named to date, pulled his gun he shot himself in the leg. Safeties are hard. He went to the hospital while the man who didn’t pull a gun went home. If you believe in Karma, it was swift and just in this instance.

Guns are meant to protect lives. The man who pulled his gun wasn’t in danger of losing his life – he was just angry. Authorities say that no charges were filed. Since the wounded man shot himself and it was his own gun, there would be no charges filed against him. I guess they felt as though his shot-up leg and loss of dignity was punishment enough.

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