Marco Rubio Gets EVICTED From His Tampa HQ: ‘It’s Good Office Management’

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It’s something we rarely think about. Where do our Congress members do their work when they’re in their home state, and not in Washington, D.C.? The answer for Florida Senator Marco Rubio, as of Friday, March 3rd, is: Somewhere else. He’s being kicked out of his current digs, and it’s all because of the angry mobs showing up to protest him and the current administration.

For the past three years, Rubio’s office in Tampa has been housed in the Bridgeport Center, a  state of the art nine-story office building just a few blocks from the shimmering waters of Old Tampa Bay. The Senator’s yearly lease expired at the end of 2016, however, and the property owners have elected not to renew it. His office is due to be cleared out on the 2nd, and the keys handed over the next day. Oh, Rubio tried to renew the lease, but they weren’t having it.

Although the owners insist the move isn’t political on their part, the events precipitating his eviction are purely politics. You see, it’s not just Rubio that has been occupying the space. Along with the rest of the business tenants of Bridgeport Center, the site has been the weekly gathering place for hundreds of protesters, making good on their promise to show up every Tuesday for the first 100 days of Donald Trump’s presidency.

Barricades and security guards have been little deterrent to the protesters, carrying #NoBan and #NoWall signs, chanting “No-Show Marco,” and fully expecting to be greeted by an office without Rubio — he’s been ducking them for weeks at all of his offices in Florida, despite having been a strong proponent of impromptu constituent rallies (when they were Tea Partiers, back in 2009).

Watching Marco Rubio get thrown out of his office feels like a small victory in a big war. But no matter where he relocates, those protesters will follow. He can’t avoid them forever.

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