Melania Cost Taxpayers More In Three Months Than Michelle Did In Eight Years

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The Obama haters would not let anything go when it came to the Obamas in office. Any little trip, any outfit Michelle wore, literally almost anything they touched caught ire from the Right. Today, it’s been revealed that Melania Trump has cost the taxpayers, that’s you and me, more money on travel in three months than Michelle Obama cost us in the whole first year she gracefully served as our FLOTUS. In less than one year, Melania spent almost 1/4 of what Michelle did on solo travel out of her whole eight years.

Crickets from the Right.

According to The Wall Street Journal, in the three months before Melania moved to Washington, she cost us over $675,000 in military flights alone. Could you even imagine if Obama had been living in the White House and his wife and children decided to live elsewhere? Conservatives’ minds would have exploded. While those of us on the Left kept pointing out how much these separate living arrangements cost us, it was nothing to them – $1 Million per day, for 90 days, that the most recent Mrs. Trump didn’t live with her husband. With these costs added, Melania surpassed Michelle’s eight-year solo expenses in just three months.

Ironically, the now-silent party is the one that wails against both the disappearance of the traditional family and the price tag of the Obama presidency.

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When those costs are added to those the rest of the family has racked up, it’s amazing to me how much the Right complained about the Obamas’ trips. Jared Kushner and Ivanka have cost taxpayers nearly $400,000 in ski vacations. Eric Trump cost taxpayers nearly $98,000 in hotel bills for one corporate trip to Uruguay for the Trump Organization (this seems unethical, at best). Trump once flew to Washington from New Jersey to attend a concert and flew back to New Jersey to spend the night. The price tag was $400,000 for that one evening of fun.

So, when tweets are uncovered showing blatant hypocrisy from our sponge-in-chief, we just have to point them out:

That didn’t age well, did it, Donny?

The next time you hear a conservative say, “But, Obama” when it comes to the President’s expenditures, keep these totals in mind. What they really mean is that they didn’t want to spend that much on a black man and his family – a family much more traditional than the one currently residing (part time) in the White House.

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Update: The language of this article has been changed to reflect that Melania’s overall individual costs in three months totaled more than Michelle’s in eight years. Originally, we only displayed her travel costs.

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