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Michele Bachmann: Muslims Are Killing The Minnesota I Remember From The 60s

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In an insane interview that left no doubt as to just how racist former U.S. Representative Michele Bachmann’s beliefs are, Ms. Bachmann insinuates that all of Minnesota’s problems are a result of allowing Muslim immigrants from Somalia to move into the state. Says Ms. Bachmann:

Minnesota is no longer the state I moved to in the mid 1960s. Then, we were a well-ordered society with a high-functioning population.

If she means the good ole days when white men didn’t allow their wives to work outside the home and routinely sexually harassed their female underlings—the days when girls were not allowed to wear PANTS to school because it was unseemly—then yes, things have certainly changed since 1960.

Former Representative Bachmann goes on to state that she believes the killing of Minnesota resident Justine Damond by Somali police officer Mohamed Noor earlier this month may have been due to the officer’s Muslim religious beliefs. Bachman theorizes that Noor shot and killed Damond because her head was not covered as she approached his police car, which is a violation of Muslim Sharia Law. Bachmann stated:

It’s prudent to ask whether police officer Noor shot Justine due to a Somali/Shariah mindset.

Strange how when a white cop kills a person of color their motives are not questioned, but the minute it is a Somali officer shooting a white woman it is because he is a Muslim and must have been a result of his extremist beliefs.

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As proof of her insane theory, Bachmann points to the fact that Somali refugees who have transplanted to Minnesota have not “adopted Western ways.” And by adopting Western ways, she appears to mean that they have refused to denounce their religion and insist on continuing to do weird things like cover their heads. States Bachmann:

Somali women in Minnesota are almost always covered with clothing from head to toe. There is very little evidence in Minnesota of Somali women adopting Western dress and Western ways. In fact, Mohammad Noor was photographed with three females from his family, all of whom were covered with traditional Somali clothing.

Just what is your point, Ms. Bachmann? Are you actually admitting that your entire basis for being afraid of these people is that they look and dress differently than you and your faux-Christian friends?

The bigoted former legislator goes on to state:

Immigrants must know it is a condition of entry to the U.S. to assimilate into Western society by adopting allegiance to Western law. Immigrants should also be required to adopt Western dress.

Why stop there? Why not require everyone to carry Bibles and pledge allegiance to Christianity also?

Here’s a question: if the U.S. became a war zone and Ms. Bachmann and her family had to move to Somalia, would they convert to Islam and start practicing the beliefs of their new country? Or would go around shouting “praise Jesus!” and trying to “save” everyone by insisting they convert to Christianity?

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