Military Families Are Starting To Turn Their Backs On Trump

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The one group that Republicans have long been able to count on has been the military community. Since 2000 the military has overwhelmingly voted in favor of Republican candidates both in presidential and midterm elections. But in a recent Gallup poll, some chinks in that Republican armor appear to be on display.

In a poll comparing the Trump’s first hundred days to the month of May, the approval rating among military voters took quite a hit, going from an average of 51% approval and 41% disapproval, to 43% approving and 53% disapproving. That’s a 16 point pivot from being up 9 points to now being down 7 points. Considering Trump won these military counties by more than 17 points this most recent Gallup poll is quite the kick in the cheeto nuts.

The main reasons for such a nose dive could be linked to the Russia/Trump campaign investigation, from FBI Director James Comey’s firing to the naming of a special counsel. However, it’s probably also a deepening sense of concern on the part of the military community, as a slew of military base closures have been recommended in the budget proposal released by the White House in May. The base closures wouldn’t take place until the 2021 fiscal year, but it still elicits a sense of increased apprehension within the military community. As of now, this proposal doesn’t affect the $603 billion increase in military spending, but the hanging anxiety in the military is still palpable.

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This dip in approval ratings could be construed by Democrats as a possible inroad to reclaiming the house in 2018. But let’s not put the cart before the horse here. A dip in approval ratings for a single person does not mean a military, that has been steadfastly Republican for decades, will necessarily swing left in some sort of retaliatory objection vote. It does mean though that they aren’t Trump Republicans, and that does bode well for 2020. Those same voters who blindly clicked Republican on their ballot in 2016 for Cheetolini may think twice, or even thrice at voting again for a candidate that has plans to reduce military infrastructure. That is if the imminent cloud of impeachment hasn’t taken care of that for us.

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