Netanyahu Could Be Arrested By Israeli Police On Corruption Charges

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If you think Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu and Donald Trump aren’t two peas in a pod, guess again. The Israeli PM is in hot water with his own government for allegedly receiving bribes from billionaire donors including Arnon Milchan, a Hollywood producer known for films including “Pretty Woman” and “The Revenant,” and for making a deal to harm the circulation of an Israeli newspaper to receive positive coverage from another paper. Serious stuff.

According to information emerging from Israel, Netanyahu could be indicted for corruption, and the cops say they have enough evidence to make an arrest.

The gifts provided by Milchan apparently went to Netanyahu’s wife, Sara, who, according to the Times of Israel, was given boxes of cigars, bottles of pink champagne and jewelry.

Even more damning, an article by the Wrap conveys, “Sara Netanyahu had been interviewed by police over a separate case relating to misuse of state funds for household expenses. She is also accused of using public funds to pay for a caretaker for her elderly father.”

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Before we move on, it is interesting that Netanyahu’s old friend, Arnon Milchan has turned on Bibi, Haaretz and Times of Israel both report that Netanyahu and his wife, “demanded the champagne and cigars” and that Milchan’s gifts were not provided out of friendship or generosity.

Bad Bibi Bad

The other aspect of the current mess ties to a reported deal “Bibi” Netanyahu made with the publisher of Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper, Arnon Mozes. The deal is said to have been for receiving favorable news coverage.

Netanyahu’s part?

Well, that is said to involve the PM weakening the publication of a rival newspaper. Netanyahu reportedly restricted its circulation. The PM and the newspaper’s publisher, both deny that the conversation was serious.

Of course! As expected, Netanyahu denies it all, saying,

Many of you are asking, what will happen? So I want to reassure you: There will be nothing, because I know the truth.

Much like his buddy Donald Trump, Netanyahu sees himself as untouchable, he believes “a great shadow” had been “imposed tonight on police investigations in the matter of Prime Minister Netanyahu.”

Gotta love that third-person, Trump-style, self-reference.

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