New Hampshire Attorney Breaks Mold – Provides Free Legal Services To Assist The Homeless

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A New Hampshire attorney has proved that not all lawyers are soulless, money-hungry predators. Alfred T. Catalfo, III of New Hampshire recently proved that when he volunteered free legal representation for the homeless in Rochester. A volunteer service agency opened a warming shelter as a temporary facility inside the Rochester Community Center on December 28 to combat the 10-day long cold snap that threatened to take lives. It is now an ongoing, but indefinite, resource for many types of people: homeless, heatless, low-income, and others.

Catalfo answered the call for pro bono assistance quickly and enthusiastically. He said he realizes that many homeless are in need of legal help and simply can’t afford it – that every ounce of their energy and all their resources are spent on just surviving. With legal issues hanging over their heads, it makes it more difficult for them to find homes. He stated,

I hope we can help some of these folks get back on their feet. Sometimes, as people, we have to be willing to give people some help, and I’m happy to do it. I don’t think it’s anything particularly out of the ordinary, but I’m certainly happy to help them.

He says that he hopes the publicity of his volunteer services will inspire others to do the same. He would also like to see these services extend beyond the Winter months because homelessness doesn’t end when the temperatures rise.

What I’d like to see is a permanent thing because homelessness is a permanent issue. It is so important, not just for this current cold snap. There’s a real risk for people losing their lives (right now), but also it brings attention to the homeless issue. Once the cold snap is over, we certainly don’t want that help to fade away. It’s easy when it’s not a crisis to sort of say, ‘OK, well that’s handled.’ It isn’t handled.

This attorney (also a screenwriter and director) proves that even the most commonly-perceived heartless people can prove to be otherwise. Wouldn’t it be refreshing if people like, oh…. Trump could find some inspiration from humble men like Catalfo?

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