NRA’s Rabid Supporters Attack Chelsea Handler Over Tweet About Gun Sales

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There has been a lot of discussion about the NRA’s role in the mass shooting that took place in Parkland, Florida killing 17. Like every other mass shooting in recent history, people inevitably accuse politicians of accepting the NRA’s blood money. It’s not irrelevant: the fact is that the NRA pays a tremendous amount of money to own pocket politicians.

Chelsea Handler, an open critic of anything GOP, had this in mind when she addressed a tweet to the NRA.  She inquired if they could possibly take a loss in sales to prevent the deaths of innocent people. She also mentioned that their thoughts and prayers are not helpful.

The tweet was meant to call attention to the fact that a product touted for personal protection has been killing our children.

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The brainwashed who believe all the garbage the NRA spews immediately pounced. The Handler Hatred™ is just too strong for many of her critics. Some of these tweets seriously make us reevaluate the belief that everyone has usefulness.

People do things illegally all the time. It doesn’t mean that laws don’t matter. Nothing is 100 percent fool-proof.

OK, great. We aren’t discussing the War on Drugs or inner cities. We are discussing kids in regular, suburban areas getting shot up while they are trying to get an education.

People watch movies and play video games every day of the year. None of the people I know have gone out on shooting sprees. This guy needs to get off his sanctimonious high horse and address the actual problem.

We are tired of the good guys with guns argument. It’s bullshit. The thing is the shooter is already prepared. Those guards will be dead before they get a chance to pull their holstered, safety-locked guns. These people accuse gun-control proponents of not using common sense, but their logic is flawed, at best.

We always save the best most disgusting tweet for last:

This. It’s always this. Maybe we should try calling schools uteruses so these assholes will be concerned about the children inside.

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Handler has a valid point. The NRA is responsible for all the anti-gun propaganda they perpetuate to keep their members paranoid. They are also responsible for the millions of dollars they sink into campaigns, effectively buying our lawmakers. Some gun owners will never see the problem clearly because when it comes down to it, their rights are the only ones that matter.

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