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NY Police Union: We Are Victims Of ‘Blue Racism’

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A new video put out by a New York police union called the Sergeant’s Benevolent Foundation claims that police officers are the victims of what the video calls “Blue Racism.” According to the video, public prejudice against police officers based on the color of their uniform is “a strange form of racism that continues to engulf the country.” It says:

Because I am blue, increasingly I am vilified.

Wait, are we talking about smurfs here, or cops? Because police officers are not actually “blue.” I mean, that’s just the color of their uniform.

The video goes on to not only compare stereotypes against police officers to racism but to allege that the “racism” police officers deal with due to their uniform color is worse than other types of racism:

The average person doesn’t see the things that make me human. They tend to see an even broader stereotype, through an even more racist lense. When they look at me, they see blue.

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Unbelievable. Being a police officer is a dangerous job. We all get that. But it is something people choose to do. It is not the color of their skin or their genetic heritage. For a white police officer to stand up and say he has even a tiny idea of the systemic and blatant racism that a person of color has had to deal with their entire lives just because he puts on a blue uniform every day is asinine.

Their career choice, while a noble one that they should be proud of, is not their race. At the end of their shift, they get to take off that blue uniform. They can go to the grocery store, or out to eat, or to the movies, and no one has any idea that they are a cop. They can drive home without fear of being shot and killed in front of their family during a routine traffic stop.

Police officers are being judged, and yes, sometimes persecuted, based on their career choice. NOT the color of their skin or their race. If they don’t like it, or feel that they are being harassed or singled out because of it, it is something that they can choose not to do any longer. Victims of racism don’t have that luxury.

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