Right-Wingers Pronounce Melania The Classiest First Lady (Because She’s The ‘Right’ Color)

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The first official portrait of Melania Trump as the first lady was released in April and for once, Trump supporters are being their kindest. They are fawning over the picture with nothing but compliments. The two adjectives they have used most are ‘classy’ and ‘beautiful’.

Let’s take a look at the picture a Trump supporter shared on Twitter:

She looks like she does most every day. There is no question of her beauty, she’s a model. However, what I find remarkable is the difference between the attitudes regarding the current first lady and the previous first lady.

This is the first official portrait of Michelle Obama as our first lady for Obama’s second term:

Both women are attractive. However, a lot of the ones calling Melania classy or beautiful didn’t feel that way about Michelle.

Here is a list of ‘pet names’ and adjectives people gave Michelle over the years:
Manchelle, gorilla, ape in heels, fat, ugly, ungraceful, not classy.

Why is there such a disparity? Michelle was more than arm candy for her husband. She went to Princeton and Harvard. She was a lawyer and worked as a public servant. She performed her duties as First Lady with passion and flare. She gladly promoted her ideas, not for Twitter mentions, but for how strongly she believed in them. She was the picture of grace when haters called her and her husband every racist name in the book.

Then there’s Melania, who does not even currently live in the White House with her trollish husband. After a successful modeling career, she married you-know-who. We have seen her read a book to a group of children and she has spoken to a couple crowds for the hubs. I’m not trying to shame anyone, I’m just stating the facts.

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So, the question is this: WHY do the Trumpsters feel so differently about these two women? Why is Melania classy, but not Michelle? Surely, Michelle EARNED a bit of their respect. The only difference I can see is that one is white and the other is black. And for a group of immigrant-haters, they couldn’t be more proud of THEIR immigrant first lady. It’d be nice if they treated all immigrants with the same respect, wouldn’t it?

Editor’s note: Since the publication of this article we’ve noticed a lot of comments calling Melania a “whore”, “slut” and all sorts of other misogynistic names. That is NOT the reaction this article should have received and if you are one of those commenters, you should think about how you felt when Republicans called Michelle names. Do better.


  1. Melanoma looks so disdainful and “above it all.” Hasn’t she gotten the message that we aren’t her subjects? Oh, wait, that’s the point. And by “model” you mean naked pics of her in various “classy” positions. There’s nothing wrong with that in theory, but the group of people judging her “the best” would have a conniption if it were anyone else’s wife.

    • Yes that’s true, only the trumpeteers think being white is better than being a decent, professional, educated lady. But that is because they are racist, bigot, ignorant, uneducated morons!

  2. Everyone knows it’s about RACE plain and simple. If Melania Trump is classy then i’m Liz Taylor.
    Michelle Obama oozed Class, Grace, and Dignity. She had her husband’s back. She carried out her First Lady duties with Passion, Honesty, Modesty and Respect. And FLOTUS never posed nude.

    • thank you so much….exactly my thoughts…I love Michelle…Melania?…well..that’s another story…. A bully like DT would never have married a self confident ,independent women…no matter her beauty..There is no way to compare those two women

  3. Her portrait, release today, has spent more time in the White House than she has…

    I’m anxiously awaiting the release of the nude girl-on-girl photo spread featuring Melanoma and Ivanka shot in the Lincoln Bedroom.

  4. Once again hate & needless fear gain momentum. …..I am a white woman, I can clearly state Melania trump cannot hold a candle to the beauty of Michelle Obama. …..Michelle needn’t see a plastic surgeon because her beauty comes from deep within, her assets will continue to shine bright and true her entire life, I know this, she has handled herself with such grace, such eloquence, the woman is so revered for a multitude of reasons and will forever be remembered as quite possibly, the #1 Flotus, and for the record. …….I did not see one happy face as trump’s wife defeatingly attempted to read a story to children who quite frankly could not understand a word she was saying. ….

  5. Scrotus’s wife in name only has a photo shopped picture and do you see the body language…arms crossed and not a real smile but staring down the camera……not a open and honest person….
    And Michelle knew how to read a book to children, can tell she’s done it many many times with her own children….

  6. scrotus’s wife in name only picture is photo shopped and do you see the body language…arms crossed and not a real smile but staring down the camera……not a open and honest person…. And Michelle knew how to read a book to children, can tell she’s done it many many times with her own children….

  7. Clearly Trump supporters definition of class differs from mine. She is obviously beautiful but I would not describe a woman who poses naked for money a “model”, I have a different term for that. I am truely ashamed she is our First Lady, I do not consider her classy, she’s trashy. She made her living on her looks and sold herself to the highest bidder.

    • She is also a fake after so much plastic surgery. Michelle, as far as is known, never has had plastic surgery, she is all “real”. That counts coonsiderably.

  8. One more thing the Trump admirers believe, but as we all know, all their taste is in their mouths! There is no way this imitation FL displays the grace, beauty, or classiness displayed in every word or move Michelle Obama made! In fact, each of the First Ladies put Mellie to shame, without half trying! Each has worked hard to make life better for all of us, and has had the grace and dignity required of a partner to the president while in office! She has done nothing worthwhile, and it is doubtful she has anything of any importance to share with us! Even her husband has not seemed at all interested in whether she is with him or not, at least so far, in public!

  9. I just saw the video of her arrival in Florida, and, heaven forbid, she was wearing a SLEEVELESS dress.

    Now think back on the reaction to Michelle when she chose sleeveless-ness as proper attire.

  10. Successful modeling career? Even you guys are bamboozled. She was not even close to a “successful model”. A successful model would have steered clear of someone like tRump.

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