Ohio Firefighter Loses Job After Sharing Racist Meme

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Ohio firefighter, Bradley Baugh shared a racist meme on Facebook on March 3. Now, he has found himself without a job. Apparently, he wasn’t good at putting out social media fires, amirite? He was initially put on administrative leave during an internal investigation. After just six days of investigation, Baugh was fired from the Springfield Fire Department in Ohio. He had been a firefighter for less than a month.

Some of you may be infuriated. We know some of you are asking, “If it’s his personal account and he posts on his own time, isn’t that free exercise of his First Amendment right?” Yes, it is. However, many people forget that even though we have freedom of speech, the consequences of our speech sometimes come with a price. His racist “joke” was taken as intended: a hateful message aimed at a particular race in order to belittle them thereby making himself feel superior.

We would take the low road here and say that his rancor has something to do with inadequacy issues below the belt or in the bedroom, but we’re not crass. The man just feels inadequate because, morally, he is.

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The meme he shared is an old one from 2014, but the racism is current. We got a screenshot of the original and poorly edited it to make it a bit more sensitive.

That’s, like, a two-for: he insults blacks along with minimum-wage workers. Someone has to make the McFlurries, dammit. City manager, Jim Bodenmiller wrote to Braugh in part, “The racially insensitive post that you shared in a public forum undermines the integrity and values of the city of Springfield and the fire/rescue division, and directly impact our ability to effectively serve the community.”

Baugh had worked for the city of Springfield since 2007 in street maintenance. He had had a number of marks in his personnel file before the meme. He was caught sleeping in his car in 2009 when he was supposed to be collecting litter. He was given a reprimand for neglect of duty. He was also cited in 2010 for false request/claim of sick leave, according and suspended for a day. In 2012, Baugh was cited AGAIN for sleeping on the job and was suspended for five days.

Now he’s suspended permanently – we hope McDonald’s doesn’t take his racist ass.

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