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Palin Supporters Are Convinced The Walmart Shooter Is A Black Guy Who ‘Looks Like Obama’

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On Wednesday evening, a white male walked into a Walmart in Thorton, Colorado and began shooting into a crowd of people. When his rampage was over three people were left dead and he was able to flee the scene. Shortly after the shooting, police released a photo of the suspect captured on Walmart security tapes. The image is a little bit grainy as surveillance images often are, but you can clearly see that the shooter was a middle-aged Caucasian male…well unless you are a right-winger, then the shooter becomes the image of President Barack Obama.

On Thursday morning, Caribou Barbie Sarah Palin posted an article on Facebook about the shooting:

Now, ordinarily the captions above these sorts of links are filled with dumb, but this time she was pretty straightforward. Her fans, however….not so much. The mindnumbing stupidity in the comment section and share attachments will make your brain hurt:

Literally, looks nothing like Obama.

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Do you see what they are doing there? Some of them honestly think the shooter looks like Obama and others are invoking his “if I had a son” about Trayvon Martin. Cute.

I wonder sometimes how it is possible for these people to function in society. I mean, they are so brain-dead I don’t even know how they put their clothes on in the morning, let alone walk outside and human. They are so beyond deplorable, I don’t think there is a word to properly describe them.

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