Sarah Palin Wants To Know Why The Media Isn’t Talking About Something They’ve Been Talking About All Day

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Sarah Palin is peddling lies again, this time it’s all about the terrorist attack in New York City. This afternoon, the half-term governor and failed vice presidential candidate shared a silly clickbait article from a right-wing TOTALLY honest news site, American News 24/7, and demanded to know why the media isn’t talking about it:

The article talks about the Diversity Visa Program and how dangerous it is because this one guy killed people seven years after entering the United States with a visa he won in a lottery. The writer also claims, like Palin, that the media is completely ignoring that fact. This is a pretty bold claim, so I wanted to see if it was true. Are mainstream media outlets ignoring this super unimportant fact? (Spoiler alert: they’re not):

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A quick Google search proves that the media has not, in fact, ignored it. Shocking.

This post was just Palin’s latest attempt to demonize immigrants. Every single time an immigrant is accused of committing a crime, the right-wing jumps on the “Democrats and the media love terrorists” bandwagon. And, of course, the comments under her thread are as vile as you can imagine:

There are hundreds and hundreds of comments just like these. Comments from xenophobic, bigots who have no idea what America is about. They are all screaming “ban Mooselambs” but you don’t hear a peep out of them when a white, American guns hundreds of people down at a concert. This is what Trump and Palin’s America looks like and it is vile.

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