Parents Are Infuriated After Oblivious Colorado School Installs Cameras In Student Bathrooms

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A high school in Colorado is under fire for its decision to install security cameras inside student bathrooms. Windsor Charter Academy recently added a new wing to the school and security cameras went inside the bathrooms in that wing. Naturally, students and parents alike are angry that a traditionally private place would become subject to surveillance.

Trevor Garrett, a parent of three students at the school said,

The first word that comes to mind is disgusting. I never thought it would be on anyone’s mind to put cameras in bathrooms anywhere. My gut reaction is, I’m a father, I want to protect my children and I’m going to protect any kids in here. I think when we sacrifice privacy for the sake of safety, it’s a very slippery slope. At what point does it cross that threshold and violate rights? I think this violates rights.

Windsor Charter Academy executive director Rebecca Teeples said that there plans to install cameras in the bathrooms of the new wing all along. She says that the stall doors cover much more than traditional stalls as they are much longer, from floor to ceiling. Teeples said only school administration and the technology team have access to the footage. The cameras aren’t monitored constantly and footage will only be reviewed if needed.

This practice impedes students’ privacy, plain and simple. How would teachers and administrators feel if their bathrooms were under surveillance? We are guessing that would never happen for OBVIOUS reasons. We get that bullies like to strike in restrooms, but this is taking away basic privacy.

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