‘Patriotic’ Trumpsters Celebrate Poisoning Of Eagles On Federal Lands Because That’s ‘Murican

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Trump’s Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke overturned a policy that was put into place on President Obama’s last day in office which banned the use of lead ammunition and fishing tackle on all federal wildlife refuges. It’s unfortunate that the rule was not put in place sooner and even more unfortunate that it has been overturned nearly immediately.

The ban was implemented in response to the very grave problem of lead poisoning in our wildlife.

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Of course, as with most things that are done with sound reasoning, the Trump supporting a-holes have no time for things like facts or logic. They will celebrate this as a win for liberty! Even if it’s killing their beloved Bald Eagle that they only really like when plastered on the back of their pick-em-up trucks or boldly across their confederate flag t-shirts.

Because, nothing screams freedom like being given the legal approval to poison not only yourself, but every other living creature you can come in contact with, too!

Conservative fanboy Joe Walsh made a point to celebrate the change.

To which a clueless supporter responded:

Radio Host Mark Levin is also thrilled with the overturning of the lead ban. He tweeted:

Clearly, these individuals have zero grasp on reality. According to experts, nearly a quarter of all sick or injured bald eagles treated by rescuers are suffering from lead poisoning. Millions of birds suffer lead poisoning each year. The source of the lead toxicity? Gun ammunition used to shoot big game and other animals, as well as fishing lures with lead. The birds end up ingesting the lead while scavenging.

And, here’s the thing. If these people are hunting for their own food with lead ammo, they are also poisoning themselves – which may actually explain why they are having a difficult time understanding why lead=bad.

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Lynn Tompkins is the director of Blue Mountain Wildlife in Oregon, a wildlife center currently caring for a lead poisoned bald eagle who has a very grim prognosis. She says about the risks to humans:

The other thing to remember is that people that hunt with lead if you eat that game meat, you’re eating the lead and you’re feeding it to your family. There’s no safe level of lead.

Stop poisoning yourselves, dumbasses. Oh, and stop poisoning our earth while you’re at it. For f*cks sake, this isn’t a political, nor any other kind of “win” for anyone involved – and certainly not the poor eagle featured in the video below.

Watch what is happening to our wildlife because hunters are still using lead ammo:


  1. The people shooting these animals are not necessarily doing it for the meat, just the sport. It takes a real American to shoot an animal with a high powered weapon, then leave it.(sarcasm). Please don’t ascribe a heart or humanity to people like this. They will never change!

  2. Why is this a surprise, Trump’s are trophy hunter’s. This make’s me sick! President Trump, you have made a bad move on this one! ALL people that oppose this say “Yes”, we “The citizen’s that care must stand up & make a lot of noise on this dyer matter to turn it right the hell back around!

  3. I don’t understand why it’s so difficult to understand and agree with the need to ban lead in ammo and fishing products. A ban on lead will hurt who? NO ONE!

    • this is all just abunch of craziness these all out animal killing trumpsters especially the representitive from alaska and the fucking idiot in the white house god will have his rath on them all and the bible says you can be sure of it trump has let all the crzies loose with theese stupid deregulations and pulling the law for protection of wildlife why on earth would you want to kill a bald eable or an owl half of america trumps half is going nuts pretty soon people will be killing peoplr for sport then there will be a jeffrey dahmer following. i hope that son of a bitch trump drops dead soon hes already 70 sp hid time is tick tocking away then we will have one less moron leader i don’t know how mike pence can handle leading beside him.its just all a bunch of chaos now

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