100 8th Graders Tell Paul Ryan To F*ck Off With His Silly Photo-Op

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Turns out there IS hope for our future. A group of 200 eighth grade students from South Orange Middle School were on a field trip to the Capital on Thursday when they were offered a group photo with Speaker of the House Paul Ryan. 100 of the students declined, choosing to stand in the parking lot and observe rather than be associated with a man who has supported Trump and his policies every step of the way.

Matthew Malespina, one of the students who chose to abstain from the photo-op said he did not want to be associated with someone who has repeatedly chosen the best interests of his party over the well-being of his constituents. He stated,

It’s not just a picture. It’s being associated with a person who puts his party before his country.

Clearly Matthew’s civics teacher is doing an outstanding job.

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Some of the parents of the middle school class were upset by their children’s actions, saying that the students should be respectful of the office of the Speaker of the House whether they agreed with his policies or not.

Elissa Malespina, Matthew’s mom, supported the students’ choice to not participate, saying that it was not out of a lack of respect for the office but about the students not wanting to be associated with Paul Ryan and what he stands for. She stated:

[It was the students saying] I don’t want to be associated with him, and his policies and what he stands for.

According to reports, The Speaker had no idea that half of the students had refused the photo and were watching from the parking lot. But if these kids are any representation of how our young people are feeling about him and his Republican cronies, he may want to start paying attention. After all, they are only 4 to 5 years away from voting age.


  1. 100 little social justice warriors that will love it when Sharia takes over the US and they all have to bow to their Mohammadan masters ….

    • Gee Mel, I’m surprised you didn’t work ‘snowflakes’ in your response somewhere, isn’t that in the “party before people” playbook?

      I for one am happy that a group of 8th graders, who are and will continue to be affected negatively by this administration’s scorched earth policies against our most vulnerable fellow citizens, is questioning whether or not to be associated with one of the very architects of oppression before them. Thank God (or as far as your ‘sharia law fear comment goes) thank Allah there are a group of young people actually committed to social justice and not texting or playing with their fidget spinners.

    • You mean the christian sharia that’s been trying to take over our government since the early 1900’s? Proud of these kids. They see through the BS going on in Washington.

  2. No, Mel Kozen. These kids are able to recognize Sharia-type abuse of power and corruption regardless of what diety or prophet’s name the party uses to justify it.

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