Pence Nat’l Security Aide Steps Down After Trump Hissy Fit Makes Headlines

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On Friday, Mike Pence’s office announced Jon Lerner would become the vice president’s top adviser on foreign policy. By Sunday night, Lerner had withdrawn. Why? Well, it looks like another one of Donald Trump’s hissy fits is to blame.

A White House Official told the Huffington Post that Lerner offered to withdraw on Sunday night in order to “to minimize the amount of conflict and internal drama,” in the executive branch. The drama over Lerner’s appointment came as Pence was on his way to Peru on Friday.

Upon learning of his appointment, Trump became upset after some other snowflake in the administration told the president that Lerner was a “Never Trumper.” He was not, but facts are of no matter to Trump and his minions.

The HuffPo reports:

Pence phoned Trump and cleared up the tension, the official said. But the short-lived drama became public on Sunday in a report by Axios which said that Trump had initially told his chief of staff John Kelly to ax the appointment and questioned why Pence would have made the pick.

Luckily, Lerner still works for United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley, so the Trump shit fit didn’t completely screw the guy.

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The recent drama, however, is more proof that Trump is completely unfit to be president. His administration has seen an unprecedented amount of staff turnover because of his inability to work with others. From the secretary of state right on down to adviser’s in Pence’s office. It’s out of control.

We have a 5-year-old squatting in our Oval Office. A 5-year-old who doesn’t share his toys and bites everyone who crosses his path. Donald Trump is that kid who pushed your kid off of the playground equipment. He is Nelson from the Simpsons. And Nelson is running the federal government.

We’re screwed.

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