Politically Corrected: Mississippi Teacher Fired After Telling ‘Blacks’ To ‘Go Back To Africa’

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One of the few enjoyable things about Donald Trump’s presidency has been watching (mostly) white people go full racist and then have their lives immediately ruined. They honestly thought the election of Donald Trump meant they could proudly tell the world what a horrible bigot they are and, I dunno, be rewarded for it? After all, it worked for Trump, right?

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Not so much for imbeciles like Cammie Rone:

A Mississippi teacher has been fired after a racist comment appeared on her Facebook page.

The South Panola School District told WREG Tuesday that Cammie Rone, a second grade teacher at Batesville Intermediate School in Batesville, was dismissed from employment following an investigation. Rone can appeal the decision.


The post read, “If blacks in this country are so offended no one is forcing them to stay here. Why don’t they pack up and move back to Africa where they will have to work for a living. I am sure our government will will pay for it! We pay for everything else.”

Now that she’s in trouble, Rone is playing the “I was hacked!” card which no one ever actually believes. You don’t get fired over this kind of thing in a vacuum. If someone “hacked” my account and posted something like that, it would be so at odds with who I am that everyone who knows me personally and professionally would burst out laughing at the suggestion that I was behind it.

Clearly, this was not out of character for Rone so adios, dumb ass.

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Rone and her soon to be legion of alt-right defenders will cry about freedom of speech but she always has the right to say whatever disgustingly racist thing crosses her mind. It just so happens that in a free and tolerant society there are also penalties for doing so. You always have freedom of speech. You never have freedom from consequences.

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