President Loon Is Tweeting About Himself In The Third Person Again

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On Friday afternoon the nothingburger Devin Nunes memo was released to the public and it was full of no bombshells at all. This isn’t surprising, of course, since Nunes never actually viewed the underlying intelligence that he based the memo on but he tried. Republicans, however, are trying to make something out of nothing and they are CONVINCED!!! that Donald Trump is being railroaded by the Russia investigation (he’s not) and this memo proves it (it doesn’t). Now, the president himself is jumping on the bandwagon and tweeting about how he has been proved innocent:

Where do we even start with this…

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First of all, why does he talk about himself in the third person all the time? Can you imagine how people would look at me if I walked around and said things like,”Shannon put her pants on this morning and then took the dog out,” or,”Shannon made herself a cup of coffee and it was delicious,” or,”Shannon did not hit that pole when she was backing up and the video that shows Shannon hitting the pole is fake news.” My friends and family would probably think I was having a mental breakdown and have me committed. Maybe we should do that with Trump.

Second, four Trump campaign officials have now been charged with crimes related to the Russia probe. Two of them, George Papadopoulos and Michael Flynn have pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about their contacts with Russia. Trump eldest son, Donald Trump Jr along with his son-in-law Jared Kushner and campaign chair Paul Manafort (one of the men charged in the probe) met with Russians during the election to get dirt on Hillary Clinton. The collusion thing is looking more and more likely but it’s important to remember that collusion is not a crime, which leads me to my final point: Obstruction of justice is an indictable offense.

Trump fired the head of the FBI to stop the investigation. Trump attacked the top law enforcement agencies in the country in order to meddle in the investigation. Why? Why would he do that if he is not guilty?

He wouldn’t.

The “American disgrace” here is Donald Trump and the GOP’s attempts to destroy our democracy.

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