Pro-Gun Group Attacks Pro-Gun Republican Because They Are Perfectly Sane

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A pro-gun group recently went on the attack and one of their targets, Rep. Mark Meadows (R-N.C.), has said that he can no longer answer his phone thanks to them. The National Association for Gun Rights has a really big mad over a provision in the latest omnibus bill called “Fix NICS,” which would encourage state officials to notify the federal government when a gun buyer failed a background check. The way they got even? Posting Meadows’ (and other lawmakers’) personal phone number on Facebook.

The group posted a call to action, saying:

The phone numbers were then listed under that statement (we cropped them out of our screenshot).

According to The Hill:

The gun group, along with many conservative lawmakers like Meadows, wanted the Fix NICS provision linked to a GOP provision allowing gun owners to carry concealed weapons across state lines. Meadows ultimately voted against the omnibus, but he told reporters after the vote that his cellphone was blowing up after his number was posted online.

A couple of things here. First of Meadows, the chairman of the Freedom Caucus, is one of the most pro-gun lawmakers. So, way to go, dumbasses, you attacked one of your own. That’s super bright!

But more moronic than their absolute stupidity for going after some of their allies is the insanity for which they did it. This group is literally pissed off because the federal government would like to know when someone is trying to obtain a gun illegally, like a felon or someone with a history of domestic violence. What the fuck is wrong with them? This is how screwed up this Second Amendment assholes are.

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