Racists Commemorate Murder Of Black Lives Matter Activist With Racism

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Muhiyidin Moye, a prominent Black Lives Matter activist, was murdered very early Tuesday morning. He was shot in the leg while riding his bicycle in New Orleans, his body was found near his mountain bike around 1 AM on Bienville Street. A suspect has not been named.

Moye was most well-known for jumping over a police tape barricade at a demonstration last year in Charlotte, South Carolina. He did so in an attempt to take a Confederate flag out of the hands of a demonstrator. His action went viral because it was caught on a live broadcast:

Moye, who also used the alias Muhiyiden d’Baha, was 32 and had spent years fighting for racial equality by being an activist and protesting the treatment of black men and women by police. It’s not clear if he was targeted or if this was a random gunshot. New Orleans has the highest murder rate in the country.

Online racists saw the story on Twitter and commented on the death with racism-laced comments – because that’s what they do. They couldn’t contain their glee out of respect for the family members and friends of the deceased. Death is only sad to racists when the dead person is white.

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The assumptions that a black person killed him and that he must have been involved in crime is like a kick to the groin. The open celebration is a punch to the chest. I guess it’s asking too much of these assholes to be silent for a moment and respect the fact that a family is missing a young man who should have had many more years ahead of him. Welcome to America 2018.

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