Red Oklahoma Elects An Openly Gay Woman In Special Election (Video)

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There was a special election in Oklahoma yesterday for a seat in the state legislature. Oklahoma has traditionally been a red state for decades – it was one of the only three states where every county took Trump in the 2016 election. Yesterday, Oklahoma proved that change can be made as long as everyone takes the time to go to the polls and vote. An openly gay woman in a same-sex marriage won a seat and flipped it blue. She won by 31 votes – showing that your presence at the polls really does count.

Allison Ikley-Freeman, only 26, beat her GOP opponent for a seat in the 37th district – in red Oklahoma. The district is not a left-leaning district by any means: it voted for Trump by 39 points. This seat is the fourth in Oklahoma alone that has been flipped blue this year – it seems as though even red states are tired of Trump’s shit. This win comes a week after Democrats had the largest win in recent history.

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As America heads into a midterm election year, the signs point to a Democratic rise on the horizon. Polls show voters are finally ready for Democrats to control the House of Representatives. Democrats have an edge over Republican voters: their enthusiasm and willingness to see change will ensure that their voters will turn out in 2018.

Republicans are also seeing a dwindling in their numbers as some in the GOP are stepping down and not running for re-election next year. That coupled with the desire for a different political climate speaks volumes in hope for the Democrats. It’s time to get the elephants out of office. Yesterday’s win in Oklahoma seems like a tiny step in that direction, but every little bit helps.

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