LISTEN: GOP Rep. Claims Bill Clinton Threatened To Kill Loretta Lynch Like He ‘Killed’ Vince Foster

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Congressman Pete Olson (R-Texas) has decided to give us all his opinion via a radio interview that happened earlier this month. He speculated on the tarmac meeting between former President Bill Clinton and then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch–a year ago. Because apparently we still need to ponder over these things a year later.

Olson basically thinks that Clinton told Lynch to call off the”attack dog” on the Clinton family, or he and Hillary Clinton would “destroy” her like they “killed” Vince Foster in 1993:

I guarantee you they had a conversation and he basically said, ‘Mrs. Lynch, call your attack dog off. We have killed people. We killed Vince Foster, we destroyed Webb Hubbell, we will destroy you.

Considering he wasn’t there, I don’t know how he can “guarantee” that. Also, it’s hard to kill a person if they commit suicide, cause by definition, they killed themselves. But apparently, Petey has problems with definitions…and spouting conspiracy theories.

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Olson went on to spout back conservative media crap about former FBI Director James Comey’s testimony about his communications with the Idiot-in-Chief about Russia’s involvement in the election. He decided to focus on peripheral issues, including the meeting between Clinton and Lynch, and Comey’s admittance that he leaked memos to the press about these conversations. And he claimed that the meeting between Clinton and Lynch was “awfully strange” because it occurred  “the day before [Hillary Clinton] may be indicted.”

Olson went on to say that the Comey hearing was a “clown show” and that Sen. John McCain’s bizarre questions were trying point out that there was a double standard between the media’s treatment of Trump and Hillary Clinton and Congresses treatment of them:

The same sort of shenanigans happened in two fields, but one got all this national spotlight and all these little hearings and stuff, and one was just sort of swept under the rug like Vince Foster’s death.

Ah yes, more conspiracy theories, cause if there was actual proof it would have surfaced by now. Good try though, Petey.

You can listen to the radio interview below, with a lovely view of Olson in all his idiotic glory.

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