Republican ‘Chief Homophobe’ Slams Danica Roem Because He’s Afraid Of A Transgender Revolution

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Danica Roem made history earlier this month when she became the first transgender person to be elected to Virginia state legislature. She beat out GOP Bob Marshall, the man who pushed the transgender bathroom bill upon the citizens of Virginia – he wants people to use bathrooms according to genitalia. He has also dubbed himself the Virginia’s “chief homophobe.” It’s totally normal for these types of men to admit their dismissals of people they find different and “radical” and they are usually proud of their exclusion.

Marshall ran a number of attack ads against Roem during his campaign – assholes like him live for inflammatory ads. She did not do the same. In fact, when asked about her opponent after she won, she stated,

I don’t attack my constituents. Bob is my constituent now.

However, Marshall has not taken his defeat lightly. He wrote a letter to the editor at The Washington PostThis letter didn’t congratulate her win – it warned the citizens of Virginia about her “real” agenda.  The letter reads,

If you think insurance premiums are high now, just wait until Virginia Del.-elect Danica Roem’s legislation to force insurance companies to cover “sex change” operations takes effect [“Roem to push for transgender health care,” Metro, Nov. 11].

Will Ms. Roem (D) also cover sex-change reversals to treat the growing incidence of “sex-change regret” by persons who find the “cure” worse than the “disease”?

Too bad The Post did not write this article before the election to fully inform voters about Ms. Roem’s real agenda.

I wonder when Gov.-elect Ralph Northam (D) will open up our highway rest stops and state office building locker rooms and bathrooms to people who think they are the opposite sex, just as they are trying to do in our public schools.

 Virginians must wake up, not be intimidated and fight this radical transgender agenda for the sake of our children and grandchildren.

A lot of bile went into writing that letter. Marshall needs to suck it up and realize that voters in HIS state grow weary of the hatred being spewed from his side of the political table. Poor losers are one thing, but Bob Marshall is an entirely different animal. He is a hateful little troll who can’t accept that he was beaten by a woman who wasn’t born a woman – and it’s eating him up.

This, folks, is the change we need. Let the bigots’ hatred destroy them instead of others.

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