Republican Representative Arrested At Denver International Airport With A Loaded Handgun

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A Republican representative was caught with a loaded handgun in her carry-on bag at Denver International Airport. A TSA agent caught Rep. Lori Saine with the gun on Tuesday. According to a statement by the police, “she knowingly brought the handgun into the North Screening Checkpoint.”

Representative Saine was taken into custody by police at the airport and she refused to talk. She did ask for her attorney before being taken to the police station. There is no information yet regarding why she thought it was appropriate to bring a loaded gun onto a flight with her.

According to RawStory,

Saine was the primary sponsor of a bill earlier this year that would have repealed a ban on high-capacity magazines for certain guns, and which would have eliminated a ban on so-called ‘gravity knives.’

Oh. Well, that makes a little bit more sense. She’s just your typical gun nut who thinks the laws don’t apply to her. She has been charged with introduction of a firearm into a transportation facility. That is a class 6 felony and she could face 18-months in jail and a $100,000 fine. Apparently, the laws do apply to her.

What would possess anyone to bring a gun to an airport? Did 9/11 and all the proceeding years not teach her anything? I get it. She has a right to arm herself in America, but not in an airport. In the air, your Second Amendment right is limited to your checked baggage, Lori. I hope she knows she can’t carry her weapon in jail, either.

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