Alabama Republicans Reportedly Tried To Push Back Election In Light Of Moore Accusations

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Republican candidate Roy Moore has sent the GOP into a public meltdown leading up to the special election on December 12 for the Alabama Senate seat. Senator Mitch McConnell, along with other senior members of the Republican party, have now ditched the Roy Moore campaign trail and are running low and out of options.

As The New York Times reported, “Republican senators and their advisers, in a flurry of phone calls, emails and text messages, discussed fielding a write-in candidate, pushing Alabama’s governor to delay the Dec. 12 special election or even not seating Mr. Moore at all should he be elected.”

Alabama Governor Kay Ivey issued a statement via her communications director, Joshua Pendergrass, reassuring voters that there will be an election on December 12.

The governor is not considering and has no plans to move the special election for U.S. Senate.

Without the delay, Moore would not be able to pull out of the special election as Alabama state laws require candidates to withdraw at least 76 days before an election, leaving the senior Republicans seeking a third option.

With limited options available to the Republicans, many have suggested the possibility of having voters submit a write-in for a third candidate, Senator Luther Strange despite his loss to Moore earlier in the primaries. A suggestion that would delight Democrats with the hopeful eventuality of splitting the Republican ticket into two as recent polls suggesting a tight race between Moore and Democrat Doug Jones.

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This special election in Alabama may have lasting repercussions for the Republican party that was left embarrassed in New Jersey and Virginia. And with one eye on his tax reform vote in Congress, Mitch McConnell now faces the prospect of having his majority dwindle down to one.

Should Roy Moore win the seat, Republicans then face the prospect of welcoming a potential pedophile into the official party lineup. Although, those such as Sean Hannity, seemingly have no problem doing so.

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