Richard Spencer Wants To Lead A White Revolt But Can’t Even Balance His Own Checkbook

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Dumbass little neo-Nazi Richard Spencer is back in the news again. No, he’s not getting a paid position in the Trump White House. He’s not getting his own show on Fox News. It has just been revealed that Spencer either tried to deliberately commit fraud by attempting to pass a bad check, or he is simply too fucking stupid to balance his checkbook.

Spencer, like his right-wing buddy Milo Yiannopolous, has spent months trying to peddle his white supremacist garbage to audiences at college campuses all over the country. But, according to The Huffington Post, Spencer’s little White Is Alright tour has been a comedy of errorsHuffPo says that before his speech at the University of Florida Spencer and the other Hitler Youth at the National Policy Institute, which is run by Spencer, failed to take care of many of the things they needed to do in order to hold the event.

HuffPo describes what happened:

In the leadup to his speech, Spencer and his colleagues at the National Policy Institute — Spencer’s white nationalist think tank — struggled to complete basic chores required to stage the event, according to hundreds of pages of university emails obtained by HuffPost. They bungled money, forgot appointments, and appear to have failed to read all of their rental contract.

For Spencer, the most embarrassing part of the whole affair involves the rental agreement; specifically the payment the university was getting from Spencer for his use of the hall where he was to deliver his speech. The fee was due on October 6, and apparently because the life of an American Nazi is so busy, one of Spencer’s minions dropped the check and the signed rental agreement into a FedEx same day delivery envelope that morning.

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A few days later the check was returned for “insufficient funds.” HuffPo obtained a copy of an email dated October 13, apparently from the university (sender and recipient info were redacted), that informed Trump’s “very fine folks” at the Reichstag National Policy Institute that the check bounced so hard they were still waiting for it to fall back down out of the sky. (OK, I made that last part up.) Not only did Spencer still owe over $10,000 for the rental, the email pointed out that the NPI now owed Bank Of America another $40 for the returned check fee. At this point Spencer no doubt mumbled something about “Jewish bankers.”

The check wasn’t the only snafu. HuffPo documents how the university’s dealings with Spencer’s organization was a series of one screw-up after another. The pages of the contract were not initialed by an NPI representative. Spencer’s group was unsure of exactly how much money to send for the rental, even though the amount was made clear in the contract. And Spencer provided the university a Spotify playlist he had put together to be played before his speech. The list included several songs by Depeche Mode, including “Where’s the Revolution?“, the meaning of which is apparently lost on Spencer.

Spencer has called Depeche Mode “the official band of the alt-right.” Lead singer Dave Gahan had another name for Spencer. He called him a “cunt.”

And a cunt who can’t balance his checkbook, at that.

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