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Rick Perry: More Fossil Fuels = Less Sexual Assault

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Energy Secretary Rick Perry has discovered the cure for sexual assault: lights. According to Perry, if we invest in fossil fuel expansion so that we can keep every square inch of the Earth bathed in light every second, sexual assault will no longer be an issue. Perry was speaking with Meet the Press host Chuck Todd and Axios founder Jim VandeHei about energy policy and why we need to expand exports of fossil fuels when he stated:

But also from the standpoint of sexual assault. When the lights are on, when you have light that shines, the righteousness, if you will on those types of acts.

Because obviously, men turn into hideous beasts who are unable to control themselves and go around sexually assaulting people the minute the lights go out.

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Perry’s comments were specifically aimed at expanding fossil fuel exports to Africa, which he had just returned from. In his full statement, Perry mentions meeting a young girl who stressed to him the importance of fossil fuels because she is forced to read by firelight, thereby exposing herself to toxic fumes.

Full Perry quote on fossil fuels/sexual assault

— Timothy Cama (@Timothy_Cama) November 2, 2017


Wait, so burning fossil fuels to get light to read by is the concern and the answer is, “MOAR FOSSIL FUELS!!’’?

Perry’s sudden “concern” for the African continent and their energy needs are especially insulting considering that an estimated 62% of an island full of American citizens is still without power 43 days after being hit by Hurricane Maria. There is no money to be made getting the lights back on in Puerto Rico, so those bastards are on their own, apparently.

Other than his clear attempt to use a serious issue to line his pockets by helping out his best buds in the energy industry, Perry’s comments are ignorant and propagate rape culture by insinuating that darkness is somehow to blame for sexually assaulting someone rather than placing the blame squarely on the perpetrator of the assault.

Maybe, just maybe, the secret to stopping sexual assault is to teach human beings to respect other human beings—regardless of the lighting situation.

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