Right-Wing Piano Teacher Thinks 14-Year-Old Girls Are The Real Sexual Predators

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A man who says he is a piano teacher recently tweeted about the sexual harassment accusations against Roy Moore. Many people want to believe that lying, racist, odious, perverted sack of shit and Jim Jennings is no exception. To prove the point, Roy Moore was still leading his opponent by 10 poll points as of November 11 – proving, once again, that it’s not sexual harassment if it’s being performed by someone in the GOP. Those “good ole boys” protect their own.

Jim Jennings tweeted Sunday (he has now deleted the tweet):

So, this piano teacher – which implies he works with children – thinks some 14-year-olds are “impossibly” sophisticated. I’m not sure if you have carried on a conversation with an average 14-year-old lately, but 9th graders do not represent sophistication in any sense of the imagination.

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Twitter users were quick to attack, and rightfully so. The wording of his tweet most definitely assigns some of the blame to the girls – which is beyond offensive.

And the tweets continued for hours – because his tweet was reprehensible. Jennings blocked many people and went back to Twitter to cry and whine and try to play the victim – the irony!

“It’s very sad” – that’s right out of Trump’s unofficial Twitter handbook.

Of course he blocked the people attacking him. They can talk the shit, but they can’t take it. I agree that most of Twitter versus one is a bit unfair, but come on! He thinks some 14-year-olds kind of bring sexual abuse on themselves. F*ck that guy.

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