Right-Wing Radio Host Says Liberals Don’t Want You To Have Air Conditioners (AUDIO)

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Sandy Rios, a right-wing nutjob radio host and an official at the American Family Association, went on an unhinged rant this week declaring that liberals are trying to take away everyone’s air conditioners.

Rios told her listeners that the “far left” environmentalists who supported former President Obama and his efforts to save the planet from certain environmental catastrophe don’t want us to have air conditioners because they “do not want us to have energy.” She praised Trump for rolling back Obama’s Clean Power Plan, which she said was only created “to destroy coal mining” and “prop up so-called alternative forms of energy” in the first place.

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She then turned her wrath to the liberals who supported Obama’s plan, because who needs a planet. She said,

The far left, especially environmentalists, do not want us to have energy. They don’t want us to have homes that are cool in the summer and warm in the winter. They think that we should go back to conditions of long, long ago.

Rios insists that she has it all figured out.

We do not have a crisis of energy. We have a crisis of philosophy. We have a group of people whose goal it is to alter the way of life that western civilization enjoys. They think it’s terrible wicked, we don’t deserve this, it should be destroyed.

Nevermind that what is really being destroyed is the planet we f*cking live on. Seriously. WTF is wrong with these people? You can listen to Rios spout her stupidity below.

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