S.C. Republicans Steal Health Ins. From Cop Disabled In The Line Of Duty

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It would appear that “Blue Lives” only matter to Republicans when they want to whine about the Black Lives Matter movement. When it comes to actually caring about the men and women in blue who risk their lives for us on a daily basis, forget it.

Lexington County Sheriff’s deputy Eddie Richardson found this out the hard way after he was injured while chasing a suspect last year. Richardson was injured in August of 2016 when a burglary suspect ran him over with his car as the deputy approached the vehicle. As a result of his injuries, Richardson is unable to stand or walk without a cane. He has undergone three surgeries and is in need of a fourth to repair the extensive damage to his spine and nerves. Said Richardson,

[The pain makes it] a struggle to do anything other than breathe, and there are days when that’s tough.

His injuries have left Richardson permanently disabled and forced him into early retirement from the police force, but he does not qualify for insurance through the county because he has not worked the required 25 years and is not yet 55. Due to his “high” level of retirement income at 36,000 per year, the former deputy does not qualify for low or reduced cost insurance through the government.

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After hearing of his plight, Sheriff Jay Coon asked the entirely Republican Lexington County Council to continue to provide insurance for Richardson until he turns 65 and is eligible for Medicare coverage. The council declined, with Republican council member Erin Long Bergeson stating:

This is an unfortunate situation, no doubt, but I can’t ask our taxpayers to do something no one else is doing.

Yet we were perfectly willing to ask Eddie Richardson to do something many would not by risking his life in the line of duty.

Richardson says he feels betrayed by the council’s actions, stating that he and his fellow deputies were promised by law enforcement leaders that “if anything happens, we will take care of you and your family.”

Maybe “Blue Lives” only matter to Republicans when those men in blue are able-bodied and able to contribute to their agenda. But the minute these heroes are injured and unable to protect and serve, they are forgotten by the GOP almost as quickly as the disabled veterans they are so fond of trotting out every time they want the sympathy of their base.

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