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Samantha Bee Is Fed Up With The Liberal Infighting Too, But Has A Great Plan! (VIDEO)

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Hillary Clinton is going to win the primary. The fact that those are fighting words really sucks. It is politics as unusual as we have seen them and it seems that some liberals are actually attempting to gut each other on the floors of their own chat rooms. And yes, as Samantha Bee says, it is ruining the internet.

This could have been predicted. With an astounding 60 percent of the country (not dems, everyone) disapproving of Clinton, it is no shock at all that she isn’t a consensus candidate. But that isn’t even the point anymore¬†because the only way she loses is if aliens come down and kidnap her. (No, she isn’t my first choice, but against Trump — she is my only choice.)

However, every single person who wanted to vote for Sanders deserves the shot, and that is how you re-unite the party when this is said and done — by allowing the process its full run. You also stop kicking mud in each other’s faces. Maybe Samantha Bee is right, we need take a deep breath, count to ten, and hug this shit out before we end up with Trump.

Why? Because, contrary to what some are saying, Trump can win — he only needs 7 percent of us to vote against the party. He doesn’t need to dominate any more of the vote than he already has, all he needs to do is split the opposition, and the splintered extremists in our party are doing that for him. No, I am not saying that the problems each person has with this election cycle should be buried, they just need to be dealt with respectfully.

Sadly, there is little to be done if people are out there brandishing their opinion like an angry flag of HeadInYourAss-ia, and obviously, we have to expect that people will also line up with theirs to challenge them. This is the kind of argument that Bee’s memes just might be able to fix — because they aren’t the kind you win.

You can’t swing a cat meme without hitting a post embroiled in a “$Hillary” v. “Bro” argument, condescending v. belligerent, and most of us are just tired of this bull (the real meaning of Political Bernout) — we have to win, this is about the Supreme Court, this is about the future of our democracy: this is about defeating Trump. And you know what, it would be nice if we can do that WITHOUT alienating the Millenials, seeing as we are going to need them.

Watch Bee’s awesome plan to save the internet, and possibly the country, here:


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