Sandy Hook Mom Rips Into Megyn Kelly Over Alex Jones Interview

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Nelba Marquez-Greene’s daughter, Ana Grace, was killed in the Sandy Hook tragedy in 2012. She recently took to Twitter to blast Megyn Kelly for having  Alex Jones, alt-right conspiracist asshole, on her new show. Jones will appear on Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly this Sunday, which also happens to be Father’s Day.

Back in 2012, Jones was one of those conspiracy theorist douchebags who swore that the  Sandy Hook tragedy was perpetrated by the American government in an attempt to take away America’s guns. In fact, he doesn’t even think it really happened. He thinks the whole event was orchestrated with paid actors.

Ms. Marquez-Greene is livid that someone like Jones is getting press time after all the horrible things he has said regarding the deaths of these innocent children and educators. She took to Twitter to let Megyn Kelly know about it.

Those tweets say it all. While 20 fathers grieve on Father’s Day, Megyn Kelly will have a man on her show who has done nothing but brainwash others into thinking that these babies did not die; that their parents’ grief is scripted in a secret attempt to take away your guns. I hope Megyn Kelly sees these tweets and is ashamed.

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Listen to Jones talk about Sandy Hook being “synthetic”.


  1. Just disgraceful. I have family (first cousins) in Sandy Hook. Fortunately, their children were grown when this horrific tragedy unfolded. People who make these absurd stories up should be ashamed of themselves. Alex Jones is s bomb thrower who only wants to keep his vile propaganda on tv so he doesn’t have to do anything resembling real work that lifts people up rather than pull them down.

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