Sandy Hook Mom: ‘We Value Guns, Flags & Fake Acts Of Patriotism Over People, Pain’

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Nelba Márquez-Greene is the mother of late Ana Márquez-Greene, a 6-year-old who died during the Sandy Hook shooting. As such, she has tragic experience with shootings and following the shooting in Las Vegas, she put her thoughts into words that need to read.

First, some context. Stop me if you’ve heard this before, but last night, while much of the nation was asleep, a white man with a high-powered rifle went on a killing spree in a major American city, murdering about 60 and injuring more than 500. This time, the individual in question was exercising their second amendment right in Las Vegas.

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The location doesn’t matter, though. Our collective response is pretty much guaranteed, with this nation being committed to an almost frightening degree of apathy.

And nobody understands that apathy better than Nelba Márquez-Greene, who took to Twitter following the shooting and laid the blame at the feet of everyone in Congress:

They actually did do something: they continued to take lobbying money from that terrorist organization called the NRA.

And speaking of the NRA — the shooter was white, elderly, and owned more than half a dozen rifles. Statistically speaking, he probably wasn’t a dyed-in-the-wool liberal. And even if he was, Nelba has a pointed question about why we ignore that so many of these shooters are white:

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Then, she hit home with her point:

And we value those things because they’re easier than getting off our asses and actually doing something. But then, if we did care, the wholesale massacre of elementary schoolers would’ve changed things. But that didn’t, so it’s obvious we don’t.

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