Sarah Palin Makes A Pathetic Attempt To Race-Shame Obama And Spectacularly Fails

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Sarah Palin is as annoying on Twitter as she is on television. She’s a pompous, obnoxious ass. She frequently tweets links to articles on her website, authored by her “journalistic” lackeys. The latest was a link to an article about an ex-senator bashing Obama. I know, that’s really nothing new, except this ex-senator is black.

You see the problem, right? They cherry-picked this senator because, somehow, if he has the same shade of skin as Obama, his argument is more legitimate. Full face palm, Palin.

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Elbert Guillory (LA-R) appeared on Palin’s Mama Grizzly Radio (I wish I were kidding) program Palin Update. Speaking to the host, he stated,

The best friend I believe that the black community has ever had in the White House was a fellow named Richard Nixon, a Republican. If Obama could shine Richard Nixon’s shoes he would be doing well.

Guillory went on to praise Nixon for getting more blacks into higher education than at any other time in American history. Except Nixon really didn’t do any of that leg work – he just took credit for it.

In 1969, Bob Brown—a member of Nixon’s Black Cabinet, a small group of black Republican appointees who pushed an agenda aimed at middle-class African-Americans—noted that black colleges received only 3 percent of the $4 billion allocated annually to higher education. He arranged for Nixon to meet with more than a dozen black college presidents, and the session resulted in Nixon promising more than $100 million in federal funds for black colleges, with an additional $30 million being allocated the following year. In all, due to such increased funding, black Republican appointees were largely responsible for driving more than $1 billion to black schools over the next decade.

Perhaps Mr. Guillory chose not to research Obama’s contributions to Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU). Under Obama, one million more African-American and Latino students enrolled in college. Black and Hispanic students also earned over 270,000 more undergraduate degrees in 2013-2014 than in 2008-2009. I think that accomplishment is not nothing.

Tsk, tsk, Sarah. Your writer just used a black man to support a race argument against Obama – because if a black man says it about another black man, it must be true. In her desperate attempt to prove that the GOP’s general dislike of Obama is not due to race, her writer actually proved otherwise.

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