Satanists Take Missouri To Court Over Christian-Based Abortion Law

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Missouri makes getting an abortion as difficult as possible for its residents. Besides only having one abortion clinic in the entire state (that is about to triple soon), it is a state that gives women a mandatory waiting period of 72 hours, makes her listen to the fetal heartbeat, and passes out literature claiming the Christian rhetoric that life begins at conception. Separation of church and state, my ass! Apparently, Satanists feel the same and went to court with the state of Missouri.

Missouri’s Supreme Court heard verbal arguments Tuesday against Missouri’s abortion laws brought by The Satanic Temple on behalf of a member. They believe the law is unconstitutional. Lawyer James MacNaughton argued that the law infringes upon the woman’s rights based on Missouri’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act. Her choice was interfered with for nonmedical reasons. MacNaughton said,

They want to change her mind, they want to change her heart, they want to change the way she sees herself in the cosmos. It is a bedrock principle of our culture, of our country, that we choose for ourselves what we believe

Lucien Greaves, a spokesman for the Satanic Temple, told Newsweek in an interview before today’s testimony,

We filed the lawsuit in defense of a member of the Satanic Temple who sought an abortion and was told she needed to wait three days for the procedure, during which time she was expected to consider the state’s opinion upon fetal personhood. The state’s opinion upon the matter is irrelevant to us, and the imposition of their religious opinion, especially as a means to delay a decision that was informed by religious principles, is a clear violation of our free exercise.

He has a point: it’s utter bullshit. The separation of church and state exists for a reason, and forcing women to wait for Christian principles is just ethically brutal.

The science behind Roe v Wade is that life begins when it is viable outside the womb. Life beginning at conception is based on faith, not science.

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