Schwarzenegger Schools Trump On Offshore Drilling

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On Monday, January 22nd, Arnold Schwarzenegger threw his two cents in about offshore drilling. Trump has a proposed plan to open California’s coast to drilling companies for new oil and gas reserves. On Thursday, it was announced that the Trump administration proposed the largest expansion of offshore oil and gas drilling in United States history – affecting the coasts of Northern, Central and Southern California, along with most of the East Coast.

Schwarzenegger, like many of his fellow Californians, is up in arms over the announcement. Following Trump’s Twitter lead, he tweeted his opinion:

I like his idea, though I have serious doubts Trump would do that in front of his precious Mar-A-Lago. Why anyone stays there is beyond me, it’s pretty ugly-looking – and its failed health code checks are disturbing.

The Arnold wasn’t done there, he tweeted a second response to Trump:

Trump has not responded at this time – he’s probably busy working on his golf swing. However, I have popcorn nearby, just in case.

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