Scott Walker Has Epic Meltdown After Liberal Judge Wins WI Supreme Court Race

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On Tuesday night, liberal judge Rebecca Dallet was declared the winner in a race for the Wisconsin Supreme Court. Dallet, who ran as a staunch opponent of Donald Trump, beat GOP-backed judge, Michael Screnock. Although the Supreme Court race was supposed to be nonpartisan, it turned into a fight between conservative and liberal groups. Following the Republican Party’s stunning loss, Governor Scott Walker took to Twitter and had an absolute meltdown about the “blue wave” that’s coming.

Walker tweeted:

Tonight’s results show we are at risk of a #BlueWave in WI. The Far Left is driven by anger & hatred – we must counter it with optimism & organization. Let’s share our positive story with voters & win in November.

He’s right, we are driven by “anger and hatred.” We are angry that the Republican Party is intent on destroying our democracy. Walker, himself, has attempted to do that by refusing to hold special elections and leaving 250,000 people unrepresented in his state. Even after being told by the courts he had to hold them, he fought against it before finally relenting. That makes us angry and yes, we hate people who want to strip Americans of their rights.

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Walker could not possibly understand why we are angry because he doesn’t care about our democracy. He does care about losing though and that’s why he continued melting down after the race.

Funny, coming from a Koch-puppet.

THANKS OBAMA! His state’s unemployment rate trended down with the rest of the country.

Republican politicians: “Elect us, we love Trump!”

America: “Nah.”


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Scott Walker’s tears are delicious, aren’t they?

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