Sean Hannity Uses Kneeling Students To Stir His Racism Stew

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On Sunday, at the opening of a Major League Baseball game in Seattle, a group of elementary students sang the National Anthem. Students from Mount View Elementary School in Seattle were chosen to sing the anthem before the Seattle Mariners’ game. Obviously, a huge deal for the children, two of the youngsters decided to take the opportunity to express their First Amendment right and take a knee, while singing alongside their classmates.

This action sparked anger from some and admiration from others. I think you can guess how those in Trump’s base took the symbolic gesture.

On Tuesday, Sean Hannity, Fox News douchebag and Trump asskisser, posted a link to his social media to take his followers to his site where a non-article shows videos of the protest. There is little commentary. The whole point of the link was to glean involvement on his Twitter account.

Below is the tweet. The link just takes the reader to his site where the non-article resides:

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It was simple enough, but it was enough to cause outrage from his Twitter followers. Here are some of their replies, showing that the only rights they are concerned about are their own. They also take the opportunity to bash the kids’ parents, because they obviously don’t feel as though children are able to come up with ideas of their own.

We realize that we are making Hannity’s cheap ploys news by publishing this article. However, we feel as though pointing out his cheap and dirty tricks is one way we can fight against this angry, little man.

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Below is a video of the children kneeling. We wanted to wash the nasty comments from your eyes.

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