Sebastian Gorka’s Latest Tweet About Women Is The Dumbest Thing On the Internet

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Sebastian Gorka has managed to insult the sensibilities of both men and women with his latest statement about Harvey Weinstein’s alleged abuse of over 20 women. In a brilliantly ignorant tweet Tuesday night, Gorka suggests a possible solution to this pesky sexual assault problem that powerful men keep running into. Specifically, Gorka suggests that if more men followed Mike Pence’s rules for being around women they could effectively avoid  inadvertently raping or assaulting someone. Said Gorka:


According to the “rules” that Gorka is referring to, Mike Pence does not allow himself to eat at a restaurant with a woman or be at any event where alcohol may be served unless his wife will also be present. You know, because his d*ck may fall out of his pants and accidentally assault someone if she is not there.


It is these types of “rules” about men and women that promote rape culture in America. They presume that women are sexual objects and that men are unable to control themselves in their presence. They insinuate that if a woman puts herself in a risky situation (alone with a man) she deserves to be assaulted and that the man is not to blame because he can’t be expected to control himself in such circumstances.

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Obviously, Gorka’s statement is offensive to women. But it is the men of this country who should be rising up and calling Gorka out on his insulting view of men. Men (current Presidents excluded, of course) are not animals with no control over their sexual impulses, and they don’t need their wives babysitting them in order to keep those impulses in check.

Most men, that is. If depraved individuals such as Mike Pence and Sebastian Gorka don’t feel comfortable being alone with women because they personally might commit a crime in those circumstances, more power to them. But they should not lump themselves in with all mankind just to feel better about their disgusting tendencies.

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