Sebastian Gorka’s New Job Brings Him Together With Sarah Palin…But Against Trump

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Remember Sebastian Gorka? He was ousted rather unceremoniously after General Kelly cleaned house. Well, Gorka, like any good vermin, has a new home — an entirely new coalition of wingnut fascists who include among their number Sarah Palin, but not Donald Trump.

Gorka and company call their new coalition the “MAGA Coalition” — it funds candidates who “compete against globalist corporatists interests.” And if you’re wondering what’s meant by that hot pile of boilerplate buzzwords, let me start you with this Wikipedia link: Jewish Bolshevism. As a primer, you can also use this: The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

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Antisemitic canards aside, Gorka’s first appearance will be headlining a rally with the woman who literally embodies the phrase “Know Nothing,” Sarah Palin, in support of former-judge and current senatorial candidate Roy Moore. Moore is running against Luther Strange, an incumbent, and the MAGA Coalition is co-sponsoring the rally with help from the Great America Alliance — a Bannon-aligned group.

So what’s this mean?

Well, it means that, after a brief hiatus, the Republican Civil War is back on again. The hard, hard right-wing — including the Breitbart crowd, who are presumably upset because Trump isn’t herding leftists, feminists, Black people, Mexicans, and Jews into gas chambers yet — is on the warpath, and they’re looking to take down “establishment” candidates.

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“Establishment” candidates that now, apparently, count Trump among their number, after Trump threw his weight behind Strange.

Ultimately, no matter who wins, I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that we all lose.

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