Secret Pentagon Memos Accidentally Sent To Media Showing Their Puerto Rico Media Spin

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You know how I know the president and his people don’t give a single crap about the disaster in Puerto Rico?

‘Cause Bloomberg Media done got the receipts, that’s how.

Apparently, communications people in the Pentagon accidentally included Bloomberg’s climate reporter Christopher Flavelle on one of their internal distribution lists, where DOD and FEMA officials where discussing their evolving responses to Hurricane Maria’s devastation.

Bloomberg repeatedly notified the Pentagon about the gaffe, who didn’t respond to them for five whole days. Even better? Every single message was marked “unclassified.” If there is a Hell, somewhere in its depths Joseph Pulitzer is gleefully rubbing his fingers together, and having a good chortle at the sheer absurdity of it all.

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Never one to look a gift horse in the mouth, Bloomberg published a series of passages from the e-mails, tied to various events federal officials were trying to spin. Get a load of some of this pure horse pucky right here:

Sept. 28: Eight days after Maria hit, coverage of the federal government’s response is getting more negative.
The Government Message: Pentagon officials tell staff to emphasize “coverage of life-saving/life-sustaining operations” and for spokespeople to avoid language about awaiting instructions from FEMA, “as that goes against the teamwork top-line message.”

Oct. 1: Trump calls critics of the response “politically motivated ingrates.”
The Government Message: Defense staff admit that “the perception of USG response continues to be negative.” Spokespeople are told to say, “I am very proud of our DOD forces,” before conceding “there are some challenges to work through.”

With any luck, there will be plenty of juicy bits to come, immediately proceeding the usual protestations and walk-backs that accompany these sort of reveals. Don’t buy any of it.

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When coupled with reports coming in from on the ground in Puerto Rico, these revelations pretty much destroy any semblance of compassion or respect that anyone in a position to offer aid to the island might have for its people. Meanwhile, most of the island is still without power, clean drinking water has already become a myth, and residents of the island have taken to drinking from EPA Superfund waste sites in their desperation. But at least they have plenty of paper towels. Thank you, Mr. President*.

Grab your popcorn, folks: we’re in for a Category Five media spin cycle any moment now…

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