Senator John Murante to Board of Education: You’re Out Of Touch With Nebraska

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A Nebraska state senator wants to eliminate the State  Board of Education. Surprise! He’s a Republican! Not that this should surprise you, of course.

John Murante says the board is  “out of touch with the state of Nebraska.” He wants to eliminate them because they disagree on bills introduced to tackle education issues in the state. They want kids to be prepared for college, he disagrees with their methods…and apparently preparing them for real life. Murante said:

The Nebraska State Board of Education has clearly demonstrated it has lost its way

He’s introduced a resolution, LR285CA, that would let the people decided if the board stays or control of education goes to the governor. According to the state constitution, board members are elected from eight geographic districts around the state. This resolution would amend the state constitution.

According to Murante:

The board is out of touch with Nebraskans because of its opposition to school choice and strengthening the Americanism statutes

He’s also throwing a tantrum worthy of a five-year-old because the board had the audacity to like Common Core Standards, though Nebraska was one of the few states that didn’t adopt them. Instead, the state has been working with its colleges and universities on standards that would adequately prepare students for college and an eventual career.

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For fuck’s sake, what the hell is wrong with that??

The other criticism is that they have used “politically charged” language in their proposed “civic readiness” standard. Considering it’s about civics, I would assume you have to use political language. Of course, maybe they didn’t consider it the right language when it wasn’t their version of politics.

State Education Board President John Witzel stated:

Our state is so diversified from west to east and we have different wants, needs and interests in regards to education and they vote for the representative that will represent them well

You take away the representative and you don’t get any input from the people. That’s pretty straightforward.

A conservative political action group Americans for Prosperity-Nebraska supports this stupid fucking resolution, saying the state education board has been a “stumbling block to reform” that would allow teachers “greater autonomy in the classroom” and more school choice. I’m not sure how that would work since they’re taking all choices away from them if the governor is put into control.

Marante says the board has become highly politicised taking “extreme positions on ideological matters,” though I suspect anything is extreme if it goes against his stupid fucking ideas. He thinks this wouldn’t happen if the governor were in charge. Well yeah, I bet you guys agree with each other.

But then, current Trump Republican logic doesn’t make sense to anyone who claims to have even the smallest bit of logic.

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