Jeff Sessions Learns Videos Are Forever

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Cue music! Let’s do the Time Warp againnnnn…

Present day – yesterday to be specific: President Donald Trump’s all-knowing, all-seeing and totally clueless attorney John Dowd informed Axios:

[The] president cannot obstruct justice because he is the chief law enforcement officer under [the Constitution’s Article II] and has every right to express his view of any case.

Apparently, Dowd thinks that just because he finagled his way into the Oval Office that Trump is now above the law of the land? The law he took an oath to uphold and defend?

Take a quick jump back in time …

During the 1999 impeachment trial of then-president Bill Clinton, then-senator Jeff Sessions made an impassioned plea to the Senate to vote for the removal of Clinton from office based on “a continuous pattern to lie and obstruct justice:”

… the Constitution of the United States requires the Senate to convict and remove the President of the United States if it is proven that he has committed high crimes while in office. It has been proven beyond a reasonable doubt and to a moral certainty that President William Jefferson Clinton has persisted in a continuous pattern to lie and obstruct justice. The chief law officer of the land, whose oath of office calls on him to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution, crossed the line and failed to protect the law, and, in fact, attacked the law and the rights of a fellow citizen. Under our Constitution, such acts are high crimes and equal justice requires that he forfeit his office. For these reasons, I felt compelled to vote to convict and remove the President from office.

OK — back to the present.

If that doesn’t directly contradict what was put out by Trump’s trusted legal (cough) adviser, we have shifted into the Twilight Zone where nothing means what it really means. If now-Attorney General Sessions was so adamant to claim that Clinton required removal from office in 1999, why is he now so adamant now to argue the opposite and defend Trump’s “right” to lie and obstruct justice?

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Mind you — the Attorney General is duty-bound to uphold the laws of our country and defend the Constitution.

A total of 17 senators who are still in office supported the obstruction of justice charge against Bill Clinton (who basically lied about a blow job). Why are they now taking the opposite stance when the charges against Trump are so much more dangerous? Collusion with a foreign nation to alter the results of an election to install a puppet in the Oval Office that is not loyal to this nation or her citizens seems a much greater threat than lying about getting a little nookie under (or on) the desk.

Please call your senators and representatives and demand that they do their jobs.

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  1. I was right there with you, in full agreement, until you tied it in to that false narrative of Russiagate. The evidence that’s coming out, and has been coming out, is that there’s zero evidence to support it. All there is amounts to “he said, she said” schoolyard nonsense. If there was real evidence, the intel community would have released it long ago.

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