Local Sheriff And Georgia Republican Caught Bragging About Pressuring KSU To Punish Cheerleaders For National Anthem Protest

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After 5 Kennesaw State cheerleaders, now know as the #KSU5, took a knee during the national anthem on September 30th, Cobb County Sheriff Neil Warren and Republican (of course) state Rep. Earl Ehrhart made their opposition to peaceful protest quite clear. Then they went too far.

In texts obtained by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Warren and Ehrhart gloated about pressuring the president of Kennesaw State University, Sam Olens, into keeping the school’s cheerleaders off the field during the national anthem in response to the KSU5 kneeling in protest. The AJC obtained these texts through the Open Records Act and they contradict the official statement made by the president of KSU.

Ooohhh, the plot thickens and Mr. Olens appears to have traveled up shit creek without a paddle!

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In the text messages, Warren wrote to Ehrhart:

Legally I’m not sure they can stop or do anything to stop someone from this Un America ACT [sic]

Uh, that’s because there isn’t anything illegal here, dipshit.

In a different message, Warren apparently stated that he talked to Olens and had been “assured” the cheerleaders would be kept off the field until after the anthem. Warren then sent this message to Ehrhart:

Thanks for always standing up too [sic] these liberal that hate the USA.

Ehrhart replied with:

He had to be dragged there but with you and I pushing he had no choice. Thanks for your patriotism my friend.

It should be noted that Ehrhart chairs the committee that allocates funds to public universities. So, basically, he had the university by the balls if they didn’t do what he wanted.

Warren sent another text:

Not letting the cheerleaders come out on the field until after national anthem was one of the recommendations that Earl and I gave him!

According to the AJC, Warren also mention that his wife had discussed things with Olens  and he said there was nothing he could do. This is apparently what caused him to throw a temper tantrum like the five year old he is.

Olens cancelled an interview with the AJC, but deemed their emailed questions worthy. When asked about the confusion of statements about why the cheerleaders were not on the field after the September 30th game Olens passed the buck to the athletics department saying:

Decisions about game day programming is the responsibility of KSU’s Department of Athletics and they have been clear about their reasons for making the adjustment.

In an emailed statement on Tuesday October 17th, Ehrhart stated that his private communication to Warren expressed his personal feelings and:

I urge President Olens to stand firm against any student publicly disrespecting our flag at a football game or any college event. I say that as a private citizen.

Ah, he’s a private citizen but he’ll use his status as a representative when something doesn’t go the way he thinks it should. The entire thing reeks of abuse of power and smacks of unconstitutional censorship. What a prick. All three of them are jackasses of the largest kind in my humble opinion.

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